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200 followers in just a few weeks

Thank you everyone. This blog has been super fun & life-changing🖊🎶💜🌿🌸🌷💌

Blog post: personal writing

I‘ve written quite a bit in the last while & of course this month, I’ve really enjoyed the fruits of my commitment to my writing. It’s been fun.

But today, I wrote a couple of poems just for me again. That I won’t publish. At least not now & it felt really good.

It was nice to do that in the middle of glopowrimo.

© Niliema Karkhanis

On value in writing: preview

I‘m working on a piece at the moment that I’m excited about so I thought I would tease it here.

It’s about placing value in all your writing, professional & personal. & recognizing how seemingly unrelated kinds of reading & writing can influence your creativity inside writing & out.

& most importantly how to see the value in all the kinds of writing you do, & to assess it based on the value you assign to it, as opposed to outside validation, even when that’s also a part of it.

I have spent too much of my life considering a lot of my writing, even things I have written for training modules, workshops, or creative copy as ‘not real writing’. I’m in the process of shifting my attitude around this, especially because a lot of that work was innovative & while it may not be a book of poetry or essays, it was valuable in terms it what it was written for.

One thing we can say about blogging & the internet, is that it has opened the door wide for new possibilities in writing.

I’m reminded of how amazing things like time release text message novels & the popularity of fan fiction are. Endless possibilities. I love it.

Anyway, not sure exactly when I’ll be done with the article, because I have a lot to say about writing in any form to solve problems & to create value. Plus I’m researching interesting cases to stimulate ideas for how to continually make this happen in our work.

Please stay tuned for all this & more. I promise it’ll be a real treat for creative self-reflection.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Notes on writing process 4: Another note about notes & various digital paraphernalia

Hello from here dear blogosphere,

I know I’m late, but I finally started using Evernote & it’s helping me a lot with writing, organizing my ideas & thoughts.

I like the story planning template, especially. Really benefiting from that for character development too.

I am still using docs, colornote & open office as well. I love them all & am utilizing only free versions, which to date have entirely sufficed for my purposes.

I also do enjoy drafting in wp’s mobile block editor, especially poetry. This is literally not promotion haha. I’m just excited & I have had all of these recommended to me, when I probably should have already known about them, & they’re all really useful. I literally wouldn’t have known about them if friends hadn’t told me they existed or I hadn’t lucked into reading about them.

While I had Open Office on my computer, due to an injury, I was mostly not writing on my computer or my phone for a while, or frankly writing very much at all. Occasionally I would pick up a journal, notebook or sketchbook.

Then in the summer, I began to write at least 4 times a week if not more. Again, in a notebook. Until I began using google docs. Docs really has helped with my file management too, which I am recently getting better at, largely also due to the fact that I have come to place greater value on my writing than I had in the past.

Bonus is that I can actually work on stuff so much more easily now, because I’m cataloguing it much more usably. Docs fits my file management style more than other word processing softwares. Plus it’s very mobile friendly, & the design is handy.

When I started up writing again during the summer, initially, I only wanted to write in notebooks & journals.

When I started up writing again during the summer, initially, I only wanted to write in notebooks & journals. What I was sharing, I was literally doing from photographs of journal pages.

I’m thinking of writing as legibly as possible when I feel to & using google lens more (which I’ve been using lately for screen shot image descriptions), so I can easily transfer stuff out of my hand-written work into type.

…I knew  from last spring, but Jstor has made more materials available for free during the pandemic. I just learned that you can get an ‘independent researcher’ membership & access 100 articles per month at no charge, when it used to be just six; another invaluable writers’ resource to have access to.

Also, random last resource update: I knew from last spring, but Jstor has made more materials available for free during the pandemic, but I just learned that you can get an ‘independent researcher’ membership & access 100 articles per month at no charge, when it used to be just six; another invaluable writers’ resource to have access to.

I know this is a long one, but honestly, I learn so much from when people talk about creative process & tools stuff, & it’s often around a thing that ‘should seem obvi’ & wasn’t to me for this or that reason. So here’s my contribution to that.


© Niliema Karkhanis

A month of poetry

Dear Blogosphere,

I will be doing a month of poetry in April. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone writes. Or doesn’t.

I know these monthly challenges can feel like pressure as can ‘write every day’ when you just can’t.

I have attempted to do 30 poems in 30 days before & only been able to do 15 at most. I think one year, I maybe did 2?

I try to do sketchtember & illustration october too; I’ve gotten into the habit of rewarding myself for the work I do complete, which I always really like. I’ve almost come to the point where I don’t feel shame about what I can’t do.

The good news is even these little attempts have improved my art & I’ve enjoyed the pieces. Heck, even not participating & seeing all the amazing work out there has been wonderful.

Knowing you need a break altogether for a month might be a thing too, which is super important to recognize, rather than marathoning for something which needs to ultimately be fun.

So here’s to finishing out the month of April with between 1/2 a poem & 30. Anywhere on that scale is good. So is zero; because some years that’s just how it is.

I would love to hear your thoughts in comments, if you feel like it:

♡ Will you be participating?

♡ Do you enjoy monthly challenges?

♡ Do you have any themes in mind for April writes?

♡ Or any other thoughts…

💜 nrk 🎵

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by  Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

My favourite bookstore

Probably one of the biggest influences on my writing ever is a bygone overstock, discount bookstore in a relatively small local mall I used to go to. I loved it so much anyway, but got to go there even more because it was where I did a bus transfer.

I read a lot of short plays in those days, because I like how plays look on the page, & the way the story moves along. Plus they’re enjoyable to read in commute. & of course I was reading poetry, always poetry, but like, kind of in secret.

I’ve often hidden my love of poetry, because Idk, I think until more recently, loving poetry was kind of this thing you kept to yourself. I mean, especially writing it too.

It’s still one of my favourite bookstores of all time, because it had all this like off-the-shelf lit from who knows where & why they were selling it in the first place.

I never would have read about, or even known about many of those works, had it not been for this otherwise regular brand boutique-sized, warehouse bookstore in an otherwise very regular indoor mall.

I still remember the layout of the shelves & the smell of the books there; the excitement of finding a neat, lesser-known work for $3 instead of the $25 cover price.

It was exhilarating & quietly so. The echoes from the mall, the cracking sound of carefully opening the new paperbacks & the soft thud of replacing a massive hard-back anthology; I remember those things from there more than from anywhere else I have ever held a book.

When you read like that, you learn about what kinds of writing writers have done other than their famed works, & you absorb about some of the more raw edges of their writings. You are not as pleasantly distracred by merchandising, but by sifting through the collections.

I love a certain degree of awkwardness in writing, or maybe an unfinished quality. & reading through smaller, shorter, more obscure works, you get so deliciously much of that.

The magic & mystery of my favourite bookstore, a portal almost, it stays with me. Me far way now. It long closed except in memories.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured photo by Jaredd Craig from Unspash

Reading & writing


The stories

I wrote for you

& you for me

Reading you

Reading me

Reading me

Reading you

I believed

In the stories

The stories

Believed in me

I think at some point

You believed too


If we had anything

We had worlds

& we had words


If you could read me […]

Reading & writing

© Niliema Karkhanis

What is love for?

Photo by 
freestocks.org from Pexels

What is love for

If someone

Drinks it in,

Consumes it:

When one is

Simply a vessel

For another’s


When silence

Is expected

In the face of


What is love for

In a world

Such as this,

Where only

The privileged

Are granted

Their wish?

What is love for?

For another’s need?

Their desire?

Their greed?

Setting one up

To fulfill any deed?

For what is love meant

Without consent,

With bitter


Is it not then

Just another


What is love for?

When the outcome,

Without apology,

Is something

Which feels

Neither safe

Nor happy?

© Niliema Karkhanis