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The following story was written for Bulbul’s Bubble #TWT Twenty Words Tuesday. Thank you to Bulbul for hosting this fun writing exchange & choosing my suggestion ‘cat‘ for this week’s prompt! Please also take some time to read Bulbul’s wonderful interpretation of the prompt, as well as the stories of prompt participants.

Little creature. You’ve been such a friend. Grey, pink, orange. Sharp and soft. Protector, familiar, judge. You’ve taught me lots.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Lenin Estrada from Unsplash

Manufacturing hope

Manufacturing hope is my exactly 20-word story for the 20 Words Tuesday prompt: hope
Hosted by Bulbul’s Bubble

She was the stories she told. Manufacturing hope. Playing other characters with hints of herself. Composites. Driving the town over.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash