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Under the incendiary

Photo by Luck Galindo from Pexels

under the incendiary blaze of the night sky

the air is not charred

it is clear & smells fresh like night rain

everything glowing

beings gathered around 

to watch the blazing sky 

changing colours

it was peaceful

& the next day 

there would be calm

everyday after the blaze they noticed they were different. lighter. alive. but walking was over. only floating. life in the ether.

floating takes getting used to. that’s not news. no more loudness.

birds. to move with them. alongside them. as quickly as them. birds. 

the dragon really was the visitor. it’s not a dream anymore.

air on fire is iridescent. melted mineral haze. there is a sun. the sun shines blue into eternal pearlescence.

this place is so pretty that if you go here, nothing really has meaning. but for a change this is a good thing. fire skies don’t tell lies.

they feel your body change as the smoke takes shape inside of them.

© Niliema Karkhanis

The void is a friend

Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels

What day forgets itself entirely?

What night glows more than a city night?

Long walks

Beautiful darkness Potential death

Bugs buzz around the streetlights

Around the streetlights


Weary eyes pass them by 

Walking on curling hands

Wonderfully tempting the night

With glitter & dyes

Oblivious oblivion

In the life of ghosts

Lifting on & across the planet to Jupiter 

& so forth

It wasn’t anymore

For the end was 

At the door

On an astrologer’s best guess

It was a house of ghosts

Not theirs anymore

© Niliema Karkhanis

a thunder: consciousness stream

Photo by takenbytablo from Pexels


a thunder

& then the calm




slivers of time

held in trees

in whispers

you turn your head

to face what got

left behind

ahead there are

days & days

of questions

asked in daylight

& at night

not forgotten

under twilight’s

starry grin

in slumber

before nightfall

vivid dreams

& more questions

what got broken

won’t go back

together again

neither with

the magic of storms

nor the calm of a warm

sunny day


it’s in them

the bones of uncertainty

cool themselves

on the lines of

an early autumn afternoon

breaking lines of code

the traveling birds

singing silent 

or quiet songs

in many languages

into the sunset

crying wind

© Niliema Karkhanis

Time forgotten

Photo credit: Pexels

Time forgotten
Bends I guess
Your heart-shaped
Dreams on a flight of

In air they fly
Through the sky
Filtering the day’s

You hold your breath
Anticipating things

Sleeves of joy
Come upon you Intricately enveloping your arms
Time had stopped

Anyway the day goes on
You bring what is there
To bring you to where
You can breathe again

Some dreams are quiet

© Niliema Karkhanis



Sometimes we are like ghosts

Churning ourselves out

Instead of to butter

To vapour

Holding to our phones

For life

Here we live

Sending ourselves

Machines are our houses

In robots

Work goes

Tick tock

Nothing stops

& we don’t want it to

For the time is now

Messages to avoid the void

Messengers to upload the void

The universe fills itself with itself

& so we are reborn

© Niliema Karkhanis

In hidden places

Photo credit: Pixabay

In there the day gets in & night is soon forgotten even though it all happens again. We are made for it. For day. & for night. We are made for it. Change. Time. & Repetition.

Yet the sombre truth exists in the happiest places. That sorrow belongs to the world. Yet trying to be better you can feel elements. The water the fire inside of you too.

Hidden to what? The planet still continues after all. The solar system. The entire universe.

& you so much in your own life. Because existence is infinitely great & infinitely tiny.

this is not a place

this is not a place. things can exist in time & not space. 


you didn’t have anything to say. everything was happening just near you. all around you.

even in quiet there are stories. 

you do things & then you forget them. you forget things again. and again. 

sometimes you go back to that nowhere you never wanted to be. just like that.

then & there you remember everything.