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The jewels of her

Photo by

Jonny Lew

from Pexels

Her hands tired

A reflection of

Scorched body Radiation

Ring-adorned fingers Minerals, crystals

The jewels of her

Her aesthetic Rejuvenation

Waiting, hoping for

The beauty of life

To arrive again

To return

Cubic zirconia

Dreams & fantasies Sparkling things In malls & galleries

She’d admire

The most opulent pieces Produced ornately Brimming […]

The jewels of her

© Niliema Karkhanis

You can take that love & do something wonderful with it 💜

Photo by
Andreas Wohlfahrt
from Pexels

Something stolen like that has to be remade or returned. It has to be taken & reinspired or it has to be reciprocated. One, the other or some. But not none.

It wasn’t love meant for me. & broken-hearted, I come to accept this.

Let it multiply in quantum even when you can’t feel it.

You can take that love & do something splendourous with it.

I hoped some form of friendship, love could find me in my sickness. I have arrived on my own, that’s how I’ll leave.

Sometimes love is a gift given. A gift received. Sometimes it is taken. & I have to accept that.

Sometimes love is about the taking & in the end in the midst of the circles of things, you leave yourself to be. You push yourself away & you hold yourself close until you can make it again.

© Niliema Karkhanis