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Proxima Centauri

Night theorizes itself

Over & out of social disorder

Replenishes its icy glances

Through gifts

& other expenses

Set on invisible tallies

The year closes with more

Questions than answers

About snowflake geometries

& silence & persistence

That beats us

Bows tied up

In trembling buildings

Which may or may not

Withstand these blistering

Currents that came before us

& will live on after stars

You never complain about the weather

Because it marks changes

Inside & outside of you

In theories of enveloping sweetening darkness

At cherished sun downs

Where all is forgotten

Sent to proxima centauri

Or to Jupiter & Mercury

On rotations which

No longer abide by laws of gravity

We revive our dormant praxes

© Niliema Karkhanis

Image: https://unsplash.com/@huchenme


A winter wind

Winds around

My body

Ghost birds calling

We find our ways inside

Year’s end places itself

Upon my brow

All things die into

Dried branches

Which live through

Magnificent ice


Of tears we can no longer cry

Frozen in future

Globe dreams

Between you & I

Miniatures sing

Choral harmonies

Resented ersatz repetition

Gives way to acceptance

Shingles shake ominously

Your hands stop

They’ve hit everything

They can

Leaving bruises

On tanned leather boots

& skin which can’t say no

‘This is a time of new beginnings,’ you say

As patterns repeat themselves

Like snowflake decorations

Snowflakes never repeat themselves though

They are not ornaments

They are necessities

Snow protects the world

Inside the globe

That world is fiction

Like this song

Carols repeat to prove themselves

As do the days

& the wind like an invisible whirling witch

Casts spells which send the notes of a new tune

The pretty infectious one

We made along moving air

Like a sweet aria on the skyline

It sings itself almost

Passing with us

Through us

On bejeweled elongated nights

& their sublime theories

© Niliema Karkhanis

Image by https://unsplash.com/@jessicalfadel

The solar blue

That flicker of evasive
Contentedness enraptured
By a sadness extending
In a line that never ends
Eternal romanticized
Begins again

This week you told me
What to say
I did it
& regretted it right away

Telephone call
Melon call ee

I don’t follow orders
I’m not a fascist

Climbing up the
Ladder of bias
You let me fall
Then blamed me
After all

Except my skin
Is old like roses now
Scarred with the
Same version of fall

It wasn’t my fault after all
But that doesn’t mean
I don’t still think it is

Lies pies ties fries
So many goodbyes

Your eyes aren’t cold
Your mood
Spin cycle
More volatile

I am done with
Giving up on myself
I hope you understand
The lyrics of
The song I sing
The one you like
Then hate again

I’m sorry I am
A complicated
Fairy orchid berry
Once upon a


Please meet me
In the solar blue
I’ll be happy
& maybe
I’ll be enough
For you

© Niliema Karkhanis

Pistachio ice cream

Winter is but a memory
In the melting heat
You told me about
Your first dreams
Your final dreams

We sat on the park bench
Eating pistachio ice cream
You could hurt people
& then like a child
Enjoy a treat
People are like this

Pistachio ice cream
Is my favourite

What did Hannah call it?
The banality of evil

© Niliema Karkhanis


Did you see her


There is a place
That fallen
Love stories
Are often
Written upon

Those places almost seem real
Tomorrows spun on a biogenic wheel

Roundness at the core of all the fondness & sweetness

Your love wasn’t round though
It was steel-cold

So what did it mean? 

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Pawel Czerwinski from Unsplash



She said that the planets
The stars are all balls
Floating in space

From a child’s mind
These words 
Always so revolutionary


I was looking at high resolution
Photographs of the sun

I look at maps of the moon
& think of you

How we are here
& gravity spins us in place

In space

Maybe roundness is resented
Because it’s the ultimate magic

Perfect spheres
Of fire & ice
Of stone & life
Reflective surfaces
Spinning & continuing

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured photo by KARTIK GADA from Unsplash

Meta-ekphrasis: 2d design

Colourful world-building
Wonderful abstraction of principle

Two dimensional
Mixing palettes
Of cloud shades
Hues & grades
Leaving the pages

Brain matter hazes
Gazing as the other
Although who gave us that placement

Art is everywhere
We are mused & muses
Moving formulations
Interpreting formations
Composition of storms
Matter is the discourse
From even the most inexpensive pen nib

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured photo by Mr TT of unknown outdoor artwork in Monreal circa 2015.

No win situation

Of misapplied reason
The notion that
Times aren’t changing

No matter how many times
We have explained the science
The science has been taken as false

Funny that.

I remember when pseudo-science explained everything.

I guess changing the game, rather than revolving it, is how cheaters win.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by I from Unsplash


The underneath
You wrote
Stories of mazes
Wrapped foliages

On other-worldly

I left for
Cloud worlds
& unicorns
Pink quartz
Liquid prism

On the floors
Of mint green
On peach shimmering

It was all part
Of the same world
A multiverse
Of tailored characters

Dressed in clothes
Made of cloud spun silks
Bearing magic
Spent from energetic wands & sweet milks

Through the mazes
Suspended on
Cerulæn underpinnings
Tree branches
Twigs making fonts
& lexical hexes


Mazes leading
To pink hazes
Sky blue glazes

Starlit circumferences
At the seaside
Candid engagements
At the strip mall
Solving problems
Unreality spun
On the shop floor

You loved me
Until I couldn’t anymore
Forget-me-nots waiting
For her at the door
Imploring blue

Yellow kitten eyes
Your promises
Cursive palettes
Upon your recycled
Wishful fallacies

Tea with honey
Lemon cake

{Hello hi

Eating cupcakes
By the fire
You told her
All about
Who you were
You are

Tears fall
Like stars
Like rain

Your eyes
To the
The lights

{Will it fly?

The time it takes
To say goodbye

To read the lines

You waved as you watched her leave for the last time

Underneath the
Withholding premise of another time
All the churning molten starlight love decries

Nothing begins
& everything ends

Candy on your breath
You put your bunny in the bike basket & left

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Gradienta from Unsplash