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Flour, salt, water

Photo by Zoë from Unsplash

It was a Saturday afternoon. Animation audio spooling through the aqua, red-roofed bungalow. Cozy.

She would let me play with the dough from whatever bread or baking she was making. She also made play dough for me, adding food colouring. She explains, not for the first time, that the homemade play dough recipe is similar to that for lots of recipes, like poori, for example. 

She’d let me play with the poori dough too, always in a good mood when she fried dough for bread, which she would do, singing.

She would say that the home-made play dough was as good as the store bought kind, & she wasn’t wrong. She knew things. She was confident about that. It made me love the pink dough & the blue dough the most. She made them for me after all. Me at the kitchen table making art. Her making our life.

Small tree sculptures from

Flour, water, salt & love

Outside, wind sounds spring

For this week’s dverse Haibun prompt A walk down memory lane.

 Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis

What if I can’t?

Photo by Ann H from Pexels

Good evening from here dear blogosphere. A little poem of affirmation to remind us that we are doing everything & we deserve rest too. 💜💜💜


When I’m tired

As I am now

I question


About me

I then remind myself

As gently as I can

As long as I rest

As I am now

I can always


My incremental


 Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis

Where is your anarchy?

Photo by
Anni Roenkae
from Pexels

Good morning from here dear blogosphere. 💜 Resharing this new work. I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Wherever you enjoy it from, I hope this song finds you poetical. 💜

Is it

For you

To decide

What I am

For you to

Assign me

An ancient


I don’t read

Old stories

For truth

My book

Is the new


I’m not made

To hold you





What did you

Expect of me

While I was […]

Where is your anarchy?

 Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis


From a loose
colouring book page Colouring by nrk

My body

Broken to some

To me

It’s my whole

& only beautiful place

Within this universe

In such vast existence


Need be


Why should bodies

Be hiding

Behind norms








We exist

We are made

We are told

We choose

We survive

We are here

We know

Who we are


Is not wrong

That is all

You leave it in the corner

You leave it in the corner and wonder if you will ever get back there to that corner of the world. Small places have less corners to fill. But you try still, because empty places feel temporary, harsh, undecorated.

‘This is all temporary,’ you say. 

They don’t look away from nothing important on the television because they don’t want to hear that. 

Impermanence is the thing we’re all ignoring while it’s happening all around us. 

There’s nothing to disagree about between you & them. So why not question existence? This is how people pass the time isn’t it?

You take up painting not long after that. And they slowly move out over the last few weeks of the month. It was a gradual move. You hardly notice until years later.

After those years go by, you find yourself remembering past times. Nostalgia comes around now & again, mostly because things have changed with you kind of pretending nothing could. It was like you couldn’t face it.

Then you notice little things about yourself; changes which accumulate over time, while you are trying to forget yourself altogether. Things which aren’t obvious. Suddenly you are curious about yourself because you realize enough time has passed & you remember yourself. 

You decide you are there & you need to walk away from the ghost. So you mark time in journals, pay attention to how you like things, remember your favourite everything. You live again. Somehow.

© Niliema Karkhanis