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Not this

Photo by

Skylar Kang

from Pexels


Not this

This overbearing


Of that thing

You can’t

Quite name

About it

Under a clear blue sky You are not clear 

Like the transparency Of the celestial screen


Not this




Repetition of

That indelible


Ink of

The impression

Of 5 things you thought you already knew […]

Not this

 â’¸ Niliema Karkhanis

I’ve had to leave now for a while

Photo by Lesley from Pexels

I’ve had to leave now for a while

I like always to go in style

For I don’t want that you should see

All of the hurt inside of me

The shame the pain

The gales of fear

I do just want to 

Bring them here

I know though 

That this can’t be done

For all we are 

Is for the sun

If in my look

I do not strive

I do not think I’d be alive

Simple jewels soft cloths to wear

All the lots of being where

In this place & in this time

The only thing is the sublime

I’ve had to leave here for a while

I always like to go in style

© Niliema Karkhanis