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dispatches from quarantine 2: passing days

Photo by Rikonavt 
from Pexels

. here am i .

. i remember .

. i forget .

. i cry .

. what is .

¿ this space ?

¿ the after ?

. i try .

. quiet .

. sleep .

. tears .

? why ¿

. far . 

. away .

. music .

. plays .

… a sigh …

. it’s not .

. so far .

. & it is .

. i find .

© Niliema Karkhanis


From a loose

colouring book page

Colouring by nrk

My body

Broken to some

To me

It’s my whole & only beautiful place

Within this universe

In such vast existence Biodiversity

Need be Cherished

Why should bodies

Be hiding

Behind norms

Which Distill


Human Experience Disdain Disability

We exist

We are made

We are told […]



by Olya Kobruseva 
from Pexels

I only

Nourish myself

To be


I draw pictures
Write words
Sing songs

The crying has stopped
No peace though

I am not entirely sure why I’m here
I have come to understand
That that is of no consequence
You can’t argue with life
You tell yourself

You can’t always question
What it is you are
Again & Again

You can’t always wonder
About being
Again & Again & Again

You left me there
I couldn’t have made a place in that hole anyway

You said you were not of this world perhaps
& perhaps that’s true

I think it’s escapism

We all need it

© Niliema Karkhanis

💜 Dispatches from quarantine 💜

Photo by C Technical 
from Pexels
Text added by nrk

Dispatches From quarantine

I’m basically a robot Myself now

Or not myself now

I suppose

I work a lot

Then tell myself I don’t Because I suppose that’s easier than facing the nothingness


They often say there’s nothing that’s more of a void than meaninglessness, yet this timeframe is built upon it & […]

Dispatches from quarantine

 Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis