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Under the incendiary

Photo by Luck Galindo from Pexels

under the incendiary blaze of the night sky

the air is not charred

it is clear & smells fresh like night rain

everything glowing

beings gathered around 

to watch the blazing sky 

changing colours

it was peaceful

& the next day 

there would be calm

everyday after the blaze they noticed they were different. lighter. alive. but walking was over. only floating. life in the ether.

floating takes getting used to. that’s not news. no more loudness.

birds. to move with them. alongside them. as quickly as them. birds. 

the dragon really was the visitor. it’s not a dream anymore.

air on fire is iridescent. melted mineral haze. there is a sun. the sun shines blue into eternal pearlescence.

this place is so pretty that if you go here, nothing really has meaning. but for a change this is a good thing. fire skies don’t tell lies.

they feel your body change as the smoke takes shape inside of them.

© Niliema Karkhanis

All the wires

Photo by Ekrulila from Pexels

If i had one last song to write, I’d follow the story of every wire in the world. Not only what they emit. But what they hear.

After all they are taking all the energy of the earth and transmitting it. To like all over the place. We wish we could move the speed of waves and rays, but maybe that’s just because we aren’t them.

I run out of battery but the world is always on and that’s life’s most meaningful contradiction don’t you think? That everything is finite and infinite at the same time. No one really tells you that. Because they think you won’t believe it. Or what if you do? 

We are always beginning and ending again. Always. Every end has a start. Yes. Even an end has a start.

Yet nothing comes around quite the same way. Or else. Nothing would ever change. And change is everything.

That last song it might be the last but once you make a sound, it’s out there. It made things move. It made things change.

Even noise is life. Even noise is life. Not everything can be ordered or timed.

I would follow the trajectory of every last wire on the earth. I would tell every single one of their stories. The energy carriers. The live wires. The ones who had secret messages.

© Niliema Karkhanis https://link.medium.com/KDU8VV72Tdb

In hidden places

Photo credit: Pixabay

In there the day gets in & night is soon forgotten even though it all happens again. We are made for it. For day. & for night. We are made for it. Change. Time. & Repetition.

Yet the sombre truth exists in the happiest places. That sorrow belongs to the world. Yet trying to be better you can feel elements. The water the fire inside of you too.

Hidden to what? The planet still continues after all. The solar system. The entire universe.

& you so much in your own life. Because existence is infinitely great & infinitely tiny.

this is not a place

this is not a place. things can exist in time & not space. 


you didn’t have anything to say. everything was happening just near you. all around you.

even in quiet there are stories. 

you do things & then you forget them. you forget things again. and again. 

sometimes you go back to that nowhere you never wanted to be. just like that.

then & there you remember everything.