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After storms

As winter leaves

I remember our

Moonlit walk

Through snow

In ice storm

Sharp cold

Winter night

We would

Embrace the wind


& all

Convincing ourselves

To do an errand

Yet really wanting for

The after of storms

Moon high full

Hopes too

The mystical

City sparkling

In glow

Under haze & stars Cushion

Of soft snow

Gripping our

Steps with

Crisp sounds

Making our way


The inclement

Aspect lost

On us

In our moonlit

Walk Being now

With […]

After storms

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: a poem 13 for a month of poetry 2021.


From a loose

colouring book page

Colouring by nrk

My body

Broken to some

To me

It’s my whole & only beautiful place

Within this universe

In such vast existence Biodiversity

Need be Cherished

Why should bodies

Be hiding

Behind norms

Which Distill


Human Experience Disdain Disability

We exist

We are made

We are told […]