A winter wind

Winds around

My body

Ghost birds calling

We find our ways inside

Year’s end places itself

Upon my brow

All things die into

Dried branches

Which live through

Magnificent ice


Of tears we can no longer cry

Frozen in future

Globe dreams

Between you & I

Miniatures sing

Choral harmonies

Resented ersatz repetition

Gives way to acceptance

Shingles shake ominously

Your hands stop

They’ve hit everything

They can

Leaving bruises

On tanned leather boots

& skin which can’t say no

‘This is a time of new beginnings,’ you say

As patterns repeat themselves

Like snowflake decorations

Snowflakes never repeat themselves though

They are not ornaments

They are necessities

Snow protects the world

Inside the globe

That world is fiction

Like this song

Carols repeat to prove themselves

As do the days

& the wind like an invisible whirling witch

Casts spells which send the notes of a new tune

The pretty infectious one

We made along moving air

Like a sweet aria on the skyline

It sings itself almost

Passing with us

Through us

On bejeweled elongated nights

& their sublime theories

© Niliema Karkhanis

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