The solar blue

That flicker of evasive
Contentedness enraptured
By a sadness extending
In a line that never ends
Eternal romanticized
Begins again

This week you told me
What to say
I did it
& regretted it right away

Telephone call
Melon call ee

I don’t follow orders
I’m not a fascist

Climbing up the
Ladder of bias
You let me fall
Then blamed me
After all

Except my skin
Is old like roses now
Scarred with the
Same version of fall

It wasn’t my fault after all
But that doesn’t mean
I don’t still think it is

Lies pies ties fries
So many goodbyes

Your eyes aren’t cold
Your mood
Spin cycle
More volatile

I am done with
Giving up on myself
I hope you understand
The lyrics of
The song I sing
The one you like
Then hate again

I’m sorry I am
A complicated
Fairy orchid berry
Once upon a


Please meet me
In the solar blue
I’ll be happy
& maybe
I’ll be enough
For you

© Niliema Karkhanis

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