The world outside my window

When everything
Went away
There was this window
The view
This balcony of dreams

I fed myself on starry nights
Drinking in the moonlit skies

Sunset designs
From colour
Palettes of
Iridescent clouds

Mythical drawings
Of imagined sky worlds

Over the treetops
Birch, spruce & willow
The whooshing
Sounds of poplars
Singing in ocean-like
Songs across the river

This little piece
Of skyview
Outside high window
Over balcony
Magical borough
Of the most
Amazing people

Cars & stars
Parking lot
Music parties
Backyard fires

Even a crescent
Moon night here
Is a mystical sight

The planets
Of season’s
Always & forever
Until long before
& from long after

Replete with sparkling
& colourful companions
The prophetic winds
The universe of things

This window onto
A little piece of the city
When all was lost
It has held me

In its secrets
In its mesmerizing

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: a poem for day 29 of a month of poetry 2021. Today the optional prompt was to write about a window view.

Please go read the poems  through the days on the glopowrimo site. There are lots of great poets & work. & please sign up for disqus (go here: or you’ll see icons above each day’s comments) & upvote the poems you like. It’s a great way to support poetry month participants & to let us know what’s working with our poems as well as our responses to the prompts. 💜🎶🖋🌸🌷💌

Featured image by Gradienta from Unsplash

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