Spring winds around

A crucial & fascinating aspect of this current reality for me has been the concept of mutual aid becoming so relevant & resonant during a time of uncertainty & melancholia.

Mutual aid is a principle & practice I have believed in & for a long time; believing it had the possibility to transform our perspectives & actions, our relationships with one another.

It has been an inspiring silver lining to see people distributing essentials, support & care to one another as a means of alleviating the duress of this epidemic. Solidarity driven mutual care is wonderful.

In the past year, I have both received & offered this instrumental practice of love & direct action.

I appreciate what we have built collectively. This is a present which has created many unique & enduring collective reverberations.

Spring winds around us
Chaos, interdependence
Full moon reflections

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: for day 26 of a month of poetry 2021 & the dverse Haibun prompt to write about the present

Featured image by Alexander Ant from Unsplash

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