When in the spring
Of a still colder
Upon the roadside
After rain

Eating snacks
On Thursdays
In May
Under trees
By Busy
Food stands

Fortunate noon

Your innate
Your underwhelm
Towards those
We take
For granted

I loved it


Between tasks
& excruciating
Chronic pain
I wrote 8 poems
& hid them away

Then a day went by
I was happy
Really happy
You know?

I shared
Only good
Could come

Then more lies
An infinity
Of mistruths


I read 
That lovesong
You know
The one
With the 

& the women
Coming & going
I’d hoped they’d
Speak of
Van Gogh

They say he was a
Pretty good guy
Nice to children
A significant
Measure of good character
His art improved
When he got
Mental healthcare

I believe it

I don’t think
You could paint
The sky like that
If you weren’t nice
& didn’t struggle
With the mind’s eyes

Who knows
Maybe that’s
Another fallacy

Pithy philosophies

I hadn’t read it
For a long time
It reminded me

Of you

I wanted
To tell you
I wanted to say

I’ll always roll
My trousers
& gaze up gently
Towards the æther

The vast universe

Beautiful darkness

Sparsely lit


There is so much

To say about it

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: for day 26 of a month of poetry 2021 using the Word of the Day Challenge prompt ‘fortunate’ & Your Daily Word prompt ‘innate’.

Please go read the poems  through the days on the glopowrimo site. There are lots of great poets & work. & please sign up for disqus (go here: or you’ll see icons above each day’s comments) & upvote the poems you like. It’s a great way to support poetry month participants & to let us know what’s working with our poems as well as our responses to the prompts. 💜🎶🖋🌸🌷💌

Featured image by Mathias P.R. Reding from Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Peach

  1. middlerose

    I was looking for a blog about poetry, and for some reason, I accidentally found your blog and I could say that you’re such a good poet, your writing, your patterns, and strategies, use of words that create a beautiful picture in our minds, and how your creative and imaginative mind made an astonishing piece!

    Well, honestly I’ve read a lot of poems but not this one, yours are different when I say different I mean the choices of words and the smooth transition and the changing of the meaning. All is good!

    Additionally, I also love writing poems and reading others’ masterpieces to be inspired by them. I admired those poets who are not afraid to push their limits when it comes to writing because it makes them good poets.

    How I wish I could also write a wonderful poem like yours and while reading your poems I gain a lot of knowledge. Thank you for this! Continue writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nrk Post author

    Oh my goodness. This is such a wonderful compliment. This made me so happy to read. I really want people to get something meaningful from my poetry. I am moved by your response. 🖊🎶🌷🎵🌿🌸

    Liked by 1 person


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