Mirror mirror
All I see
I accept
Much more

I saw it coming
Like mirror on
Mirror multiplied

There are people
Who no matter
How many times
They knock at
The door
It’s best to
Ignore them
For sure

If you tell
You need
& they
Beat you
Up instead

We know trash
Belongs in
The trash can

Mirror mirror
I remember
You are true
Not a lens
That filters me
Until I’m no
Longer there

Filters have
Their time
& place

But mirror mirror
In you
I see my very self

I am content
To arrive
At this place

Mirror mirror
Those who
Hurt the hurting
Are exactly
What the world
Does not need

I no longer
Buy their lies
Their fake
Beliefs in
Fake economies

Mirror mirror
You know as
Well as I do
That those
Who refuse
Truth are
The earth’s scourge

Truth it may
At times
Be challenging
But it’s infinitely
& eternally
More wondrous
Than a life
Of smug cruelty

Ā© Niliema Karkhanis

Authourā€™s note: a poem for day 23 of a month of poetry 2021.

Featured image by Jeremy Bishop from Unsplash

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