Prism: spinning: line

Image by Gradienta from Unsplash
A recording of me reading Prism: spinning: line, this new work for day 19 of glopowrimo

Through the prism
Shining past
Moving changing



Flying light

Scrawling all of the words
Drawing lines
To hold images up
To worlds

You make a bigger picture
More & more unfolding


Stark realities
My lenses pink
The prism clear
Your worlds
Different than
Mine are

In this realm
I’m floating

On that sphere
I am floating
& entirely

This way we
Can be &
Go & be
& go

The bees are back
That buzzing
From a distance
On blossoms’ airs

The smell of cooking
& detergent fills
The space between here
& the sky

I am going to…

Go to
All the skies
I dream for

Fold me up
& take me
Out of this


Such a pretty concept
& yet I am moving
Away because
This isn’t it

The umbrella
Of stars like
Gorgeous crumbs

In the
Between the
Telephone string
Cans on each end
Connecting your
World & mine

Too far
No line


Edge of this world

Meets mine


© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: a poem for day 19 of a month of poetry 2021, the Word of the Day Challenge prompt ‘past’ & Your Daily Word Prompt ‘specious’.

Please go read the poems  through the days on the glopowrimo site. There are lots of great poets & work. & please sign up for disqus (go here: or you’ll see icons above each day’s comments) & upvote the poems you like. It’s a great way to support poetry month participants & to let us know what’s working with our poems as well as our responses to the prompts. 💜🎶🖋🌸🌷💌

Wiktionary definitions & etymologies of specious & past

Featured image by Jakob Owens from Unsplash

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