You arrive
to tell stories
to be yourself
to share your songs

Outstretched wings
reaching, gliding
one page after
another one

Soaring tale
Upon wings anew

Flying creature
You transform

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: a poem for day 20 of a month of poetry 2021. Today’s optional prompt was to write a Sijo. I am including a link-through for the wikipedia page for Sijo, because I found it very simple to take notes from for my set up for this prompt.

Please go read the poems  through the days on the glopowrimo site. There are lots of great poets & work. & please sign up for disqus (go here: or you’ll see icons above each day’s comments) & upvote the poems you like. It’s a great way to support poetry month participants & to let us know what’s working with our poems as well as our responses to the prompts. 💜🎶🖋🌸🌷💌

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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