She has a talent for comedy. Comedy takes a lifetime to learn. & I find she often downplays her knowledge or her skill. This sometimes leads to maybe a distraction. Sometimes that magically works itself out in the writing. But sometimes I wish comedians didn’t feel so compelled to build a persona around insecurity.

Like, imagine she ran a writers’ room, & she’s so incredibly quick-witted, but you’d never know she’d organized a whole room for daily television. Not that people should brag, but I think I learned that comedy writing is kind of  undervalued in terms of how it’s viewed in comparison with other genres of writing.

The thing is comedy writing is one of the hardest kinds of writing. We know this. & she knows it too. Plus making people laugh is a real gift no matter what. I hope the most talented comedians such as her know that. Whether they admit it or not.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: For the Word of the Day Challenge prompt ‘talent’ & I’m including it as a picee for Day 15 of glopowrimo, my last poem of the day.

A little story that’s a mini prosey ode to the comedy writer who downplays their work.

It’s poetic & I’ve written enough specifically on prompts focusing on my poetry structure this month, that a little prose exercise felt like it would be good for my poetry & my writing in general at this point.

Featured image by Gradienta from Unsplash

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