She read a lot

She read
A lot


She loved

Excited when
The mail arrived

& more

Things to read

I would read
Her magazines

When I was littler
I’d flip to the back
For jokes & quips

Later I’d read
More in-depth things
I’d admire the layout
The art of print

I don’t
Exactly know
What it was
If it was her
Love of design
Or if it was her
Love of words
That influenced
Me more

I love both

& I am certainly
In the habit
Of reading
Many things
& learning
As much
As I can

It’s a lot
Of her

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: a poem for day 15 of a month of poetry 2021. Today, the prompt was to write about a habit learned from a parent.

Please go read the poems  through the days on the glopowrimo site. There are lots of great poets & work. & please sign up for disqus (go here: or you’ll see icons above each day’s comments) & upvote the poems you like. It’s a great way to support poetry month participants & to let us know what’s working with our poems as well as our responses to the prompts. 💜🎶🖋🌸🌷💌

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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