I guess

I guess
I couldn’t
How to

I think
I just
To what
They said
& focused
On priorities

As much as
I’m kind
Of maybe
Only getting
It partially

Like I’m trying
You know
I’m always

I’m sorry
I just

It’s not that
It’s out of
My hands

It’s that
I can’t
Be good
At things
I can’t
Be good at

I suppose, if you’d accepted my body. The make up of my body, you would have considered what it needed. What I needed. What I am. I am. I…

I just. I just. I just wanted us to have an entropy of phenomenon. Like an exception.

I guess
I guess

I am good
At rules
& I’m
Bad at rules

More & more
They say
That’s good

It is good
Isn’t it?

What isn’t good
Should break

For all
That is broken

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s notes: a final poem for day 11 of a month of poetry 2021.

I really have been working with consciousness streaming a lot. It’s a very effective way I have found to reach for the way I have processed ideas, experiences & emotions.

I’m playing with repetition here. & how I genuinely speak or lose words or think about things in song or in poetry.

Just thought I’d share some more in-depth writing process stuff, because the last couple of months really have me thinking about it again, especially as I’m writing more & developing more long-term themes & detailing my world-building more & more.

As a thought in conclusion, I’m mentioning the spontaneous writing flow work here because I truly believe if you practice tapping into this part of your brain function with respect to writing, you never have to copy anyone.

If you trust your gut & all your experiences with words. & I mean things like working a photocopy machine or filling out waybills for mailing packages or writing stories or writing social media posts, book reports, jokes…all of it.

Those are the 2 key places original writing comes from: ‘the back of your mind’, & from your experiences with life & language.

You never have to feel insecure in a way that you have nothing to say. All writers have the 2 things I have discussed here. & if you write from these 2 places, simultaneously, you will find uniqueness beyond your own imagination even.

Even boredom can be very creatively motivating…but that’s a topic for another time.

Thanks for reading. Please like &/or share if you feel like it. 💜

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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