Much ado & to do

Stare at the clouds
Eat the air
Watch the sky change colours
Watch your phone charge

Maybe take a selfie

Read some pithy wisdom

Forget the sky
Forget the moon
Suddenly remember them
Wash the dishes
Clean out the fridge
Drink water
Get some air
Run away
Come back again
Accept the non-apology
Reject it again
Work until you can’t anymore
Take a break until you can’t anymore
Put on earrings
Take them off
Put on necklaces
Take them off
Write things
Lose the things you’ve written
Miscellaneous procrastinated tasks
Assess the assessments

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: written on optional glopowrimo prompt: day 9 ‘write a to-do list’. For a month of poetry 2021

Featured image by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production from Unsplash

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