Of ugliness

She never
Knew herself
To be beautiful
Because of
What society
Told her

So she folded
Herself inward
Creating wonderful
Lovely worlds
Within her

Unphased by
Dystopic nihilism
Her ideas defied
Even idealism

Ugliness while
A painful premise
Of banishment
Is where perhaps
True beauty lays

For the ugly
Know beauty as
The beautiful don’t
As something sublime
Profound & intangible

Something a mindset of
Power can never be
Blessed with the
Magical awe to receive

Ā© Niliema Karkhanis

Authourā€™s note: poem 21/30 for a month of poetry 2021. I think ugliness is misconstrued in our world through ideological filters which determine our perception of what is ‘beautiful’ or ‘ugly’. This work is an attempt to express that philosophical concept through a character in a poetic story.

Featured image by Jr Korpa from Unsplash

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