After storms

As winter leaves
I remember our
Moonlit walk
Through snow

In ice storm
Sharp cold
Winter night
We would
Embrace the wind
& all

Convincing ourselves
To do an errand
Yet really wanting for
The after of storms

Moon high full
Hopes too
The mystical
City sparkling
In glow

Under haze & stars

Of soft snow
Gripping our
Steps with
Crisp sounds

Making our way

The inclement
Aspect lost
On us
In our moonlit

Being now
With waning winter
As it wanders away
I think of our day
As if one hibernal season
Is just as another

A gelid memory
Of the warmth
We had made

When we could
In the beauty
Of the harshest
Of weather days

© Niliema Karkhanis

For the Pick Me Up Poetry prompt 5/52 to write a poem about a snowy moonlit walk

Authour’s note: poem 13/30 for a month of poetry 2021

Featured image by Jr Korpa from Unsplash

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