On value in writing: preview

I‘m working on a piece at the moment that I’m excited about so I thought I would tease it here.

It’s about placing value in all your writing, professional & personal. & recognizing how seemingly unrelated kinds of reading & writing can influence your creativity inside writing & out.

& most importantly how to see the value in all the kinds of writing you do, & to assess it based on the value you assign to it, as opposed to outside validation, even when that’s also a part of it.

I have spent too much of my life considering a lot of my writing, even things I have written for training modules, workshops, or creative copy as ‘not real writing’. I’m in the process of shifting my attitude around this, especially because a lot of that work was innovative & while it may not be a book of poetry or essays, it was valuable in terms it what it was written for.

One thing we can say about blogging & the internet, is that it has opened the door wide for new possibilities in writing.

I’m reminded of how amazing things like time release text message novels & the popularity of fan fiction are. Endless possibilities. I love it.

Anyway, not sure exactly when I’ll be done with the article, because I have a lot to say about writing in any form to solve problems & to create value. Plus I’m researching interesting cases to stimulate ideas for how to continually make this happen in our work.

Please stay tuned for all this & more. I promise it’ll be a real treat for creative self-reflection.

© Niliema Karkhanis

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