Of forgiveness

There is no
Reason to
Those who
Have caused
You harm

How you feel
Is how you feel

We’re often told
That to be good
Or get over
We have to 
Stop being sad
& angry about them

That’s just not true
How you process
Your emotions
Is up to you

The only other
Thing to consider
Is to not hurt
Others ever
As much as
& work every day
On being better

Giving forgiveness
Where it’s not warranted
Could even result
In something detrimental

Maybe you need
Something very different
Like to process that hurt
In a full spectrum

Self-care they say
You do you
To say it again
Do it your own way

© Niliema Karkhanis

Authour’s note: this is inspired by survivor stories & kind of an ode to the myriad ways people process trauma.

Featured image by Peter Olexa from Unsplash

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