Love spell 2

Acquiescent mist
Wrapping itself
Around the
Ever ephemeral
Air that
Directs it
Carries it

In kindness
To being

The mist on the horizon came to me as if it were a physical manifestation of every cerulæn dream I’ve had & we had for love & for meaning


Forthwith the
Of days without
Gentle mystification
So that when it
It is
Known to be
Of the story
Of the love
This psychic connection
This love spell
We both

Where did it begin
& where will it end
Its unknown structure
In the continuity of

In the intangibility
Of words
Fulfilled somehow
Yet inadequately
In between letters

Mystical typograpghy
My love
If we weren’t so
Good at it
We’d have both been fine

Don’t you think

A weird thing which
Stays with me
Is that I never told
You about all of
My favourite

Somehow that lingers
I guess because it’s
A measure of

Oh star
The way we were
Was never how we
Could have been

Still it was lovely
It was wonderful
It was too good

I was true

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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