Under crescent moon

from indigo sky.

under crescent moon.

time passes.


is neither short enough nor long enough.


you have been small.


you have been big.


you have reached into the past for the sake of the future.

you plant the hurts and the joys.

you watch them grow.

sometimes you look away

and you miss a bloom.

you also catch so many leaves.

flowers flourish as they transform.


you have made many things.

and you have destroyed too.

you have cried many tears.

sung many songs.

bled for many dreams.

called for the moon to bring back meaning from the meaninglessness.

called for the earth to hold you still.

called for the sun to make you feel again.

while you were shaking.

while you are shaking.

when the shaking stops you will fly again from earth.

beneath the watery moon.

into the glowing sun.

© Niliema Karkhanis

From a collection of nearly lost poetry past (revised)

Featured photo by Clyde He from Unsplash

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