The bone machine

Sometimes things catch up with you. Like you weren’t running, but you’re just not where you could feel it all yet.

You put yourself in work, in art, in dreams, in songs, in podcasts, in television, in anything that makes the form of things alter a little. Bends the room. Brings glow.

You pull yourself out of the things that feel good. Things stop hurting because really they hurt too much. Holding onto breath.

Sometimes literally everything is upside down. Gravity a friend & a foe. Like time.

But like it’s when after a while you think ‘maybe I’m better this second’ & then the feels they take ahold of your hand & tell you about how this is it. This is it.

Breathing. The ache of it. One moment in front of another. Making things. Trying for the things you make to be enough. Trying for you to be enough for the things you make.

Then you don’t know. So you eat a snack. You sip caffeine with milk. & the sun beams into your crystalline eyes, remaking you.

Your skin of many lines & changes holding your heart within the bone machine. You absorb the orb’s writing rays.

& that star says ‘I made you, I made you’. Here’s some more of life.

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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