A month of poetry

Dear Blogosphere,

I will be doing a month of poetry in April. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone writes. Or doesn’t.

I know these monthly challenges can feel like pressure as can ‘write every day’ when you just can’t.

I have attempted to do 30 poems in 30 days before & only been able to do 15 at most. I think one year, I maybe did 2?

I try to do sketchtember & illustration october too; I’ve gotten into the habit of rewarding myself for the work I do complete, which I always really like. I’ve almost come to the point where I don’t feel shame about what I can’t do.

The good news is even these little attempts have improved my art & I’ve enjoyed the pieces. Heck, even not participating & seeing all the amazing work out there has been wonderful.

Knowing you need a break altogether for a month might be a thing too, which is super important to recognize, rather than marathoning for something which needs to ultimately be fun.

So here’s to finishing out the month of April with between 1/2 a poem & 30. Anywhere on that scale is good. So is zero; because some years that’s just how it is.

I would love to hear your thoughts in comments, if you feel like it:

♡ Will you be participating?

♡ Do you enjoy monthly challenges?

♡ Do you have any themes in mind for April writes?

♡ Or any other thoughts…

💜 nrk 🎵

© Niliema Karkhanis

Featured image by  Paweł Czerwiński from Unsplash

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