A winter of things

Photo by Aaron Burden from Unsplash

The problem is

I wanted you to love me

I didn’t know what to do

Except comply

With your eyes

My heart beating


Of course

Of course I wanted for love

Don’t we all?


October came

The fall



Leaves turning



If I have died a thousand times

Died a million untimely


What would there be left to say about it

After so much



I thought I’d tell you about the friendship between that writer you like & that musician I love. They write about each other sometimes.


Winter arrives

Songs sung

Stop singing

Baking warmth

Cold winds

Say things about

The states of things


Another try

I die

For why

Do I try?


Taking to

The overwhelm

An answer or 2

It has to be enough

It has to be

It has to

Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis

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