Of meaninglessness

Photo by Alexandru Acea from Unsplash

Why are we hurt by certain things when we know our worth is greater than what has been done to us? Of course this is an eternal question.

We do all of the things. Self-care, work-to-avoid, soothe, distract, etc… & yet the pain never goes. It’s always hurt from things that shouldn’t be of such great consequence which is all the more unnerving.

I mean often of course it is a great trauma, & the depths of grief seem an endless traverse. This, however justifies itself through the healing process, because we know it was significant, such as the death of a parent, for example.

Those things though which are blips in our lives, or perhaps hadn’t much to do with us in terms of how we experience them, how we are treated, they can last for too long, our hearts enduring immeasurable suffering as a result.

I suppose that’s exactly the point, the most meaningless things are the most lingering. We put meaning into something relational or structural, & its eternal return happens to be meaninglessness. That’s very problematic on our bodies.

Perhaps there is nothing emptier than giving meaning to life & having it returned as cold confusion & meaninglessness.

Ⓒ Niliema Karkhanis

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