The jewels of her

Photo by Jonny Lew from Pexels

Her hands tired

A reflection of

Scorched body


Ring-adorned fingers

Minerals, crystals

The jewels of her

Her aesthetic


Waiting, hoping for

The beauty of life 

To arrive again

To return

Cubic zirconia

Dreams & fantasies

Sparkling things

In malls & galleries

She’d admire

The most opulent pieces

Produced ornately


Projecting out of

Fine jewelry work

Yet a simple 

River polished stone

Pendant or glass

Crystal drop earrings

Sweet with

A reflective effect

Could move her heart

Make her eyes shimmer

In a moment of contentment

At the pleasures

Of earth’s

Crystalline treasures

She, a jewel herself

Crumpled now





Holding herself


In jewel

Or glass

Knowing the worth 

Of light & waves


Passing through


For Eugi’s weekly prompt jewels which you can find here:

© Niliema Karkhanis

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