Notes on writing process 3: The value of poetry

We learn that writing has to be informative or narrative, even poetry. I love narrative poetry. I think breaking with reality can also be very appealing. It builds creative & abstract thinking. It creates an opportunity to take in life in different, unexpected ways, even mundane or painful things. It’s emotional & we don’t always get the opportunity to express our emotions by reaching into them like you can working with poetics.

& when I say poetry, there are so many different kinds; this is a marvelous thing, to be celebrated. It’s such a massive field.

Poetry in its myriad forms is both generative & transformative. These are qualities which make it interesting & full of possibility. I still think that due to the way which poetry exists in cultures, it is a foundational form of text & cultural production. It is one of those things which is simultaneously undervalued & deliciously pervasive. One word on that: music.

That’s also a tension which creating poetic writing exists within. In another world, perhaps poetry would be viewed in the same capacity as any valued creation. Here & now though, such tension is in the mix. While I reject the devaluation, I also see a purpose in taking it on & working with it in my pieces.

Poetry is about interpreting & recharging information & experiences so the place of the poet in culture is going to be a part of that.

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© Niliema Karkhanis

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