Ampersands, revisions & request for input


Did you know that the ampersand was once the 27th letter of the English alphabet? It’s truly one of my most favourite symbols.

This means ‘and’ was once a letter & so crucial it became a member of the alphabet; similarly written to the number 8, denoting infinity, yet the ampersand is beautifully open ended.

Well it’s no wonder how much I love the meaning in that because I never see any work as completely finished…why I’m also so fond of the ellipsis.

All this to say, dear blogosphere, I encourage you to take a look back at any of my previous pieces because I wake up with edits I hadn’t even thought of on my mind. & I want every poem to be the best it can be so I do implement them.

New stuff coming, however if you are curious, also about my writing process, you might be interested in rereads. 💜

Thank you for being here. This blog is doing unexpectedly well thanks to you. I’m really excited to share my writings with all of you.

Also, I’m thinking of blogging reflections on writing, & on creating poetry in particular. If you are interested, please let me know by liking &/or commenting, as well if there are any topics or tips you would be interested in reading from me about please let me know.

I may start this anyway, but would love your feedback. You can message me directly on the about page of my website as well.

If you have thoughts about ellipses & ampersands, please do leave those too…

© Niliema Karkhanis

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