Photo by Rodolfo Clix from Pexels

Cw: implied ipv (intimate partner violence)

If I am hurt 

& you don’t care

Is there really

Any love there?

If I cry 

& you are cold

What is there still

That’s left to hold?

If I weep 

& it makes you anger

Is that not 

The greatest danger?

& if I sigh 

& it’s you who cries

Would I not be best to leave?

To take away our pain & grieve?

I haven’t any serious clues

For us here & now to choose

All I know is I was scared

I left for hopes my life be spared

Only we 

Do know the truth

Here I am me

There you are you

If love aches 

So very much

What good is

There left to touch?

Love is not 

A bitter haze

This much I know

Through any gaze

Let us not go

Into the storm

Worn out tired

Full of scorn

Hoping hoping

Couldn’t you see

How much all of it

Meant to me?

Alas what’s gone

Comes back again

Yet never in the

Self same frame

Hello goodbye

My love my sweet

For we were never 

Meant to see

The entity

We’d hoped

For we

Our love too much 

For even us

As such

No more

A city much

We glow


& stardust

© Niliema Karkhanis

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