Dispatches from quarantine

Photo by C Technical 
from Pexels
Text added by nrk


From quarantine

I’m basically a robot

Myself now

Or not myself now

I suppose

I work a lot

Then tell myself

I don’t

Because I suppose that’s easier than facing the nothingness


They often say there’s nothing that’s more of a void than meaninglessness, yet this timeframe is built upon it

& won’t let go

Irony of ironies in a world where obsolescence is also paradoxically central


Ah here we are pontificating again. I suppose that’s how we survive things.

Lol don’t judge


If they say it’s for always

You’ll know now that that means for never

& so we continue

With all of the themes

We forget made us

More than themes




Layers in us

& around us

We wrap ourselves

In things we once thought

Would leave us for dead

© Niliema Karkhanis


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