These days

Some of these works are brand new. Some I wrote over the summer. So all relatively recent.

Mostly they are ponderings on existence, love, time & space. In the summer, I was mostly concerned with improving my fiction writing skills which I did by basically sitting down to tell a story, usually with a prompt or something from my mind. Often it was more nebulous though, a feeling really.

I became interested in that process because I had thought writing fiction had to be done with a more structured plan or idea. That’s how I have often written fiction in the past. And of course it does work well.

Over the summer, I applied that approach. Basically adapting stories related to my own experiences into fictional accounts.

But then I did other things too. Like with Ghost Story. I just let myself world build much more than I had in the past, bringing on many elements of story-telling from science fiction & fantastical comic or animation-type scapes.

I also gave myself permission to give characters solitary experiences as well as epic challenges, so there were broad chances to develop characters I thought could become interesting for later. Because I’m less of a fiction than a poetry writer, I found that with everything else going on in my life, I mostly had time to work on character development & flash pieces which I’ll release here. Some will be reworked, some brand new, some as is.

To encourage my process, I have started drawing characters I am creating who exist in my stories or the worlds I am building for the more fantastical works.

I want to put works of prose like that here as they are more in lone with my poetry than some of the fiction pieces I am working on which are perhaps more relational tales than a lot about the scenes themselves where those places are themselves a kind of character.

I have found reflecting on my writing process really helps me to generate ideas & also give structure to ideas.

I did a thing I’m glad about this summer which was just to write very regularly with the goal of being expansive more than product focused. & it did really open up my feelings about what I have in me as a writer.

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